Staging your home this summer - how sellers can add real value to their asking price

News at Howland Jones | 01/08/2022

Spending time staging a property before taking marketing images for the advertisement and before opening doors to buyers, is one of the best things any seller can do.

Doing this effectively can make the rooms in the property look bigger, brighter, and more appealing.

During the summertime, staging can more than ever help with the demands of buyers by helping them to visualise themselves living in the property.

Reasons to prepare during summer 

Summer is known for being buying season in the property industry because many people use this time as an opportunity to move home.

Ahead of the new school term starting in September, many families tend to prioritise getting themselves settled into a new location.

With demand so high currently, the competition among buyers is fierce but this is an advantage for sellers. Sellers who get their properties summer-ready will benefit the most as they will improve their chances of securing the best price possible for their property.

When a buyer senses that too much work needs to be done in a home, they are more likely to look elsewhere or lower their offer. This is what sellers want to avoid, which is why we advise that properties are staged during summer.

Those who use this as an opportunity to add season-appropriate touches to their home could also improve its kerb appeal. Examples of this include adding a vase of flowers to tables and setting up an outdoor dining area.

Interior upgrades that are bound to increase property values

Hammonds Furniture claimed in research it carried out that a minimalist interior style can ensure a quick sale and add up to £10,000 to the value of any home.

In the furniture company’s recent survey of 2,000 UK adults, on their feelings towards interior design during house viewings, it was discovered that 40% of people looking to move home prioritise the interior of the home.

In addition to this, 24% of people admitted that they would also look elsewhere if the house they were viewing had ‘ugly wallpaper’.

The average person said they would be willing to offer £3,600 above the asking price for a home with a minimalist interior style.

Sellers can achieve this look by swapping loud wallpaper, curtains, and carpet for a solid neutral colour instead. 

Declutter and freshen up 

After living in a property for many years, people accumulate many personal items and ornaments over time. Since homeowners become so used to their personal space, it sometimes becomes difficult to recognise that prospective buyers may perceive these belongings as a distraction.  

It’s recommended, then, that you sort through your belongings to decide which ones should be kept and which ones should be sold, binned/recycled or given to charity.  

Decluttering the home is an excellent way to free up space but also prepare for when the property does sell. Do not forget that decluttering the outside of the home is just as important as decluttering the inside, too.

Last but by no means least, strong smells can be hugely off-putting for potential buyers. Around 37% of Brits admit pet smells would put them off a property.

Airing out the property by opening the windows and lighting a nice-smelling candle can appeal to the senses of prospective buyers.

Nasty scents are associated with poor hygiene and uncleanliness, so to prevent buyers from getting the wrong impression of the home sellers need to make sure the home smells just as good as it looks.

By decluttering, cleaning, decorating, and preparing the home before taking images of the property and before viewings, sellers can get off to the best possible start and give prospective buyers a positive impression.

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