Sellers: Here's how to redecorate your home on a budget!

News at Howland Jones | 31/07/2023

With the current cost-of-living crisis, many of us are on a tighter budget than normal. And, when you are looking to sell your home, you want it to look its best without spending too much. Every penny you save can go to the new property you’re moving to! When you are looking to spruce up your property for sale, here are our top tips for redecorating on a budget.

1)      Rearrange and declutter

Our first tip won’t cost anything but could still provide the new look you’re after. Decluttering will help you to see what you have got more clearly and can create the impression of space. Rearranging what’s left, or moving it into different rooms, can also give a new look. And decluttering now will mean having fewer bags to pack when you move on!

2)      Grab your paintbrush

One of the best ways to create a high-impact upgrade to your property is with a lick of paint. A splash of colour on a feature wall, or a refresh of a whole room, will give your property an instant lift for little more than the price of a tin of paint, a brush and a few hours of your time. And you don’t need to restrict yourself to the inside. Painting outside doors, windows and fences will also improve kerb appeal.

3)      Upcycle existing furniture or keep an eye out for second-hand items

Furniture upcycling has long been a decorating trend and during a cost-of-living crisis it shows little sign of slowing. Instead of throwing out that old, stained wooden coffee table that you think has seen better days, sand it down and treat it to restore its former glory, or transform it completely with chalk-based paints. You might be taking your furniture with you when you move, but it will help prospective buyers to picture themselves living in the space.

4)      Invest in new accessories from budget-friendly retailers

Decorating isn’t just about wallpaper, paint and elbow grease! Investing in a few, fresh accessories can also help to transform the look of your home at very little cost. For example, try adding a colourful throw over a tired sofa. It’s even more budget-friendly if you target discount stores and supermarkets for your throws, cushions and other knick-knacks. Even a new bedspread or curtains could be enough to bring a new lease of life to a room – and you can take them with you when you move!

5)      Rethink lighting and reflections

A new lampshade or a more powerful lightbulb can do wonders to transform the light in your room – so what was once dark and dingy and seemingly in need of an expensive makeover becomes bright, light and welcoming, with minimal redecorating effort. Add a few carefully positioned mirrors too, and you can bounce light around the room. As with other accessories, hunt out online and offline bargains to keep your revamp costs low.

6)      Focus on flooring

While most of us can tackle painting a wall, the concept of revamping your floor yourself can be a more daunting task. If you aren’t up to sanding and repainting or trying to fit carpet remnants, then consider large rugs to hide nasties in the living room and the cheaper option of vinyl in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen – your viewers will have to look closely to know it isn’t the real thing.

At Howland Jones, we know all the ways to get your home looking its best when you are preparing for sale. We are here to help at every stage of the sales process, so please get in touch; we’d love to speak to you.

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