A Day in the Life of a Letting Agent

News at Howland Jones | 23/09/2018

Name: Fiona Doody

Job Title: Accounts Manager

Started at Howland Jones: May 2012

Q: What first attracted you to working within the Lettings Industry?

A: To work for a local company bringing my knowledge of accounts with me to a busy environment.


Q: Can you give a brief overview of your role at Howland Jones?

A: Maintaining our accounting systems and ensuring all processes are accurate, including our office accounts.


Q: What is main aspect of your role that is the most enjoyable?

A: Resolving issues and having a successful and positive outcome for all involved.


Q: What is the first thing you do once you’re sat at your desk in a morning?

A:  Unpack my drawer for my days use of pens, rulers (short and long), calculator, card machine and note pad whilst my computer is warming up, then a morning cuppa!!


Q: What word / words do you find yourself saying most on a day to day basis?

 A: Tara!


 Q: What helps you to deal with rents in a timely manner?

 A: The streamlined process that is in place.


Q: If you had to describe a career within the lettings industry in one word or phrase what would it be?

 A: A life in lettings is like a box of chocolates, every chocolate is different and every day is like unwrapping the wrapper to find out what is inside!