Cavity & Loft Insulation

News at Howland Jones | 15/07/2018

Your home could be losing 60% of its heat through the roof and walls.

Most properties built after 1920 have a cavity between the outer and inner walls and if the cavity is not filed with insulation, approximately 35% of all heat from within the home can be lost through this area. 

Cavity wall insulation can be quite costly to install, but energy suppliers are keen to assist in making this improvement to meet their targets faster. 

Insulating houses is fairly straight forward but with flats, permission must be sought from all adjoining property owners first.  Any damp issues within the property also need to be addresses before any insulation can be installed. 

There are some exclusions making a property unsuitable for cavity wall insulation such as timber framed, metal clad and stone properties.

And unless you have loft insulation, you could be losing a further 25% of your heat through the roof as heat rises.  Loft insulation is relatively cheap to install and can deliver great energy saving results.  A survey should be carried out to ensure a property is suitable for loft insulation and generally, most providers of this service would prefer to coincide insulating both the loft and the cavity walls in conjunction with each other.

Increasing the amount of insulation your property has in both the cavity walls and loft will improve your Energy Efficiency Rating, thereby reducing your heating costs considerably.   Talk to Howland Jones to find out which companies we are working with to provide this service.